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      Harringay Cleaners offers a really good quality end of tenancy cleaning service. I just used them when I moved out and I got my whole deposit back thanks to them. Mandy Mullins 40. I was very pleased with the domestic cleaning that Harringay Cleaners did for us. Efficient, affordable, and very high quality. Can't ask for more than that.
Brad Shale19/05/2020
     The cleaners that are sent by HarringayCarpetCleaners for our office space are always professional, and work really hard to make our space look spotless!
Dana L19/09/2019
     I highly recommend Carpet Cleaners Harringay. I always use their cleaners. They always do a top job and never let me down.
J. Hart08/02/2019
      Harringay Carpet Cleaning are accessible whenever I need them, and they're mightily professional too. I assign them a job, and their cleaners just get on with it without any fuss. It's a pleasure having them work their magic in my house.
C. Smith20/11/2017
     The end result after the cleaners had finished working their magic was just fantastic. I'm quite picky, but even I couldn't find fault with any aspect of the service. Carpet Cleaners Harringay did a great job.
Adam R.22/08/2017
     The domestic cleaners of Harringay Cleaning Company are so cool! They are always smiling and ready to help you! Every time I hire them they are quick to respond and do a fascinating job! The best and cheapest help I can get!
T. Clark07/12/2016
     I used HarringayCarpetCleaning for an end of tenancy clean when my last tenants moved out. The place wasn't a real mess, but I thought hiring the experts would make it that little bit better and make it more marketable to new tenants if it looked spotless. The cleaners were brilliant, bringing with them all of their tools and detergents. They never stopped and cleaned all over until the place was spotless. I was very happy with the cleaning service and would certainly hire them again to clean my rental properties to prepare them for new occupiers.
     I cook a lot, so my kitchen always looks like a total mess. There always seems to be grime and dirt on the cooker no matter how much I clean it, so I decided to invest in a professional cleaning company called Harringay Cleaners. The cleaners used amazing cleaning solutions and made it super clean. I love the cleaners and use them every week.
     I recently sold my house and as a cleanliness fanatic I wanted to leave it looking as clean as possible for the new owners. I asked Carpet Cleaners Harringay to price the job for a methodical clean and I have to admit that the price was lower than expected. The standard of work that these people provide is second to none and they leave no stone unturned. The staff is friendly and honest and totally dedicated to their work. I would recommend them highly to others.
Merissa Pinfold24/11/2014
     My wife and I used to bicker a lot over cleaning. She'd tell me I wasn't doing my share, and I'd tell her she wasn't doing some of it properly (yes, I am ashamed!). We decided that we would get a professional cleaner in and we haven't regretted it. The cleaners we use are from Carpet Cleaners Harringay and they are a very hardworking and reliable cleaning company. They come weekly and do every room, cleaning the place to a very high standard and giving us a fresh and clean home to enjoy. We also row a lot less now we have these cleaners!
     I was a busy lorry driver and divorced so I had to do my own housework. To be honest I was getting fed up with it after working all week. My sister told me about a local company she had heard good report on. I contacted Carpet Cleaners Harringay for a meeting and a quote. The friendly staff sorted a deal that I was happy with and date. The cleaning service I received was amazing the cleaners cleaned every nook and cranny until the house looked spotless. The work was splendid, and worth the money. I would suggest you use this company if you need a reliable and professional cleaning company.
Max Norgard24/07/2014
     I couldn't be happier with the oven cleaning service from Carpet Cleaners Harringay. All of the staff that I spoke to and saw were incredibly genuine, friendly and really listened to my needs. I was concerned about the pets that I have, as I know some companies use strong chemicals to clean ovens, but the staff were all very understanding and really paid attention to what I needed. My oven looked really clean and was spotless when my cleaner had finished, and the whole process was much faster than I'd anticipated. I'd definitely get my oven cleaned with this company again and I've recommended them to all of my friends too!
Jeremy R.08/07/2014
     Keeping my office clean is not easy. With so many staff working there and with visitors daily, mess, dust, clutter, stains and more will quickly build up. A firm cannot operate in such conditions so I set about hiring some help. Carpet Cleaners Harringay were able to supply a team of expert cleaners and they have done miracles. Every day they have visited and washed, vacuum, wiped, sorted and more. The office now always looks great, the staff are happier, and clients are impressed. They have helped my business to excel so I want to thank them for everything they have done and will continue to do.
Barbara Grisham20/06/2014
     I was fed up of the state of my carpets so decided to have them cleaned professionally. I wasn't sure how good the results would be, but a friendly assured me that Carpet Cleaners Harringay would do a great service. I got in touch and was given a rough idea of the cost which was fair, so booked an appointment. The specialists came on time with their equipment and after a brief discussion about what I wanted they got straight to work. The cleaning service was excellent, safe products were used and the results were excellent. My carpets look like new again and the house smells so fresh.
Lynn Ball26/05/2014
     In the grand scheme of things, who cares if you have a little help with the house work? I am too busy trying to live my life to be worrying about whether my skirting boards are dusty, and with the help of Carpet Cleaners Harringay I can safely say that I rarely do any more! I have been using them for a few months, and I have had nothing but excellent work form them. Fiends have commented on how fresh and light the place feels, and I am extremely happy with all the work that goes in to it. A great job, thanks so much to all there!
Morris R.29/04/2014
     Our university flat was as typical as any student house with five young lads living in it. We took the decision fairly early on to employ a cleaner and I don't know what I would have done without Carpet Cleaners Harringay. A team of two visited our house once a week, every week, once for a full clean, and once for a quick tidy. It was ideal for us because we managed to live in a really tidy home for our whole year and I for one really appreciated not having to do the tidying up or argue over cleaning rotas.
Josh H.08/04/2014
     Finding a cleaner was a long process for me. I tried out a huge number of companies, but none of them were quite right. There was always something wrong, whether it was the prices, the actual cleaning or something a little less tangible. Whatever the problems there were, they don't matter anymore because I've found a solution which suits me. Carpet Cleaners Harringay can provide exactly what I need at a tremendous price. Their help has made all the difference and now my home is entirely clean the entire time. The price is also a huge plus, and offers great value.
Harry Phillips19/03/2014
     With a nod to the cleaners that I have used in the past, none of them hold a torch to Carpet Cleaners Harringay. These guys are the real deal, giving a great cleaning service for an extremely good rate, and doing so with a lovely manner than makes them nice to have around the house. This last bit is particularly important, as I have had surly cleaners before, and it just isn't a nice atmosphere to have! For excellent customer service, and fantastic value, I sincerely recommend this lot for all your domestic cleaning needs.
Tamara Moody05/03/2014
     After not getting my end of lease deposit returned, I promised myself I would hire a professional cleaning company to give my apartment a real thorough clean. Carpet Cleaners Harringay provided an excellent end of tenancy cleaning service. It was much needed, as my apartment had seen some messes in the past. I truly needed a thorough clean. The staff at Carpet Cleaners Harringay were able to provide a great cleaning service with short notice. They knew what areas to pay close attention to and they complete the job to perfection. My whole deposit was returned in full! Thanks for the hard work, a commendable job!
     I was surprised just how easily I adapted to having my own cleaner. I really didn't think I would like it, which is why I initially only booked four weeks of cleaning from Carpet Cleaners Harringay. I was however tired of my home taking up so much of my time. Within that month I realised just how much time they were saving me by being there. I also realised how much better a job they were doing than me and in how little time. I means these guys are pros! They work hard and incredibly efficiently and I really enjoy the results of their labours. They come highly recommended from me.
P. Shawcross30/01/2014
     I think that Carpet Cleaners Harringay is a really brilliant business that's full of experienced and friendly cleaners that know exactly what they're doing. I've never hired a professional house cleaning company before, so I'm not an expert and I didn't really know what to expect when my cleaner arrived. Luckily for me, she knew exactly what to do, where to start and what equipment to use. I'm clueless when it comes to cleaning and I'm really pleased with this service. I'll definitely be a repeat customer after my first time with them and I really couldn't be happier with their service or prices!
     I adore this cleaning company! Carpet Cleaners Harringay make sure that my house is always looking fantastic and I've had so many people compliment me on my tidy and clean home. I have a lot more free time to spend with the family and I never have to come home to a messy house again. I really can't recommend this service enough - it's professional, affordable and friendly. Now all my friends are using this service too and I think that everyone should, whether you haven't got the time for cleaning or if you just want more time to yourself!
     Every single one of these guys seems to work so hard and take so much pride in their work. Since we enlisted the help of Carpet Cleaners Harringay a couple of years ago to keep our house clean on a weekly basis, we have had maybe three of four different cleaners, and each one seems to work with the same diligence and commitment that is rare to see. The results they produce are fantastic, and so it is with great pleasure I type this review in recommendation of their work. A great company that is very professional in how they go about things.
P. Savage05/12/2013

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